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Foster Support

Lending a hand

Foster parents look after injured and rescued animals till they find forever homes. We raise funds and supply foster homes with rations and medical supplies based on their needs. We also directly clear vet bills and hospital bills.

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Funding Animal Feeders

Looking after streeties

India is home to millions of street dogs and cats. We provide rations and financial aid to those who feed these animals every day. Each feeder supports between 20 to 600 dogs. 

Our feeders help socialise the animals and make them friendly. This enables them to trust the feeder to neuter them. Thus, it greatly helps in reducing the population of strays.


Anti-Breeders Campaign

Tackling the Issue

There are predominantly 3 kinds of breeders:
1. Those who love their pets and breed to have offspring purely for the joy of it. 

2. Unscrupulous breeders who chain dogs on rooftops, under the staircase, or confine them to a cage to make a profit while providing minimal care. 

3. Puppy mills that breed dogs in unliveable and unhealthy conditions.

We spread awareness of the ills of breeding and the cruelty that's involved.

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