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Our stray dogs and cats, and even large animals like cattle and horses, face dangers on the roads every day.

They meet with accidents, get injured, contract deadly viruses, develop painful skin conditions, get infested with ticks, or simply get sick.

Unfortunately, they aren't able to care for themselves and they need help from us humans. Luckily, there are thousands of rescuers across our city and state who stop and help.

These rescuers go above and beyond by putting their lives on hold and getting the animal the help it needs.

If it was not for these rescuers, many animals would suffer and die.

Rescuing animals entails transportation, hospital bills, medicine purchases, post-op care, boarding, food, and other expenses.

But despite financial costs and constraints, these rescuers save lives every time they come across an animal in need.

Since they aren't part of any organization or shelter, it's hard to get support as many people don't trust that it's a real case.

We've connected with these rescuers to help them by funding their operations. We verify their cases, follow up on the animal, and ensure the funds are allocated to genuine rescuers.

If you would like to be a rescuer, it's simple. Any time you see an animal in need, call someone who can help.

Here is a list of shelters in Bangalore - CUPA, CARE, ALAI, Sarvoham, Maruty Shelter, Haven. You can also contact us and we'll guide you on what to do.

If you can't rescue but still want to support the cause, you can follow our page, share our posts, support our campaign PAWSIBLE by making a donation.

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