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Indigenous Guard Dogs of India

Indian dogs were a prized possession in the Babylonian times, and foreign visitors have

recorded about 50 indigenous breeds in the country. However, sadly, only 25 of those remain today.

The respect that our society had for our breeds saw a decline right from colonial times when the Maharajas were only interested in the breeds brought to India by the British.

This was a symbol of their stature and this ideology crept down the ranks amidst the commoners as well.

But in reality, the Indian stray dog has been proven to be highly intelligent, adaptable, and on guard! Their sense of alertness makes them excellent guard dogs.

Fortunately, in recent times, there has been an awakening and people are leaning towards adopting indigenous dogs. In this spirit, if you wish to adopt a dog for their sense of guard and alertness. Here is a list of indigenous dogs that will have you sleeping peacefully at night.

The Bakharwal

The Bakharwal dogs were initially bred by shepherds to protect their livestock; this is as

convincing a resume gets when recommending the Bakharwal as guard dogs. They have often fought off attacking wild animals like foxes, jackals, and even wolves.

They are usually found in the Himalayan regions; this climate is ideal for their body as they tend to grow a lot of fur. This growth of fur is a concern while grooming; brushing the hair once a day would be sufficient; however, immense care is required during the shedding season.

Bakharwals are very energetic dogs and therefore require a lot of exercise, it is advised you clean up those old jogging shoes and keep yourself and your puppies in fit shape.

The Chippiparai

The Chippiparai has a story unlike most other breeds of India. They were bred by the royal families of Tamil Nadu in a town also called ‘Chippiparai’ in the Virudhunagar district of Tamil Nadu.

They are very low on maintenance and require almost no attention in grooming

as they have fur suiting tropical conditions.

They are preferred as guard dogs to adults as they are not very comfortable with young

children. They are very agile and energetic; therefore, they require a lot of exercise to release excess energy.

The Chippiparai have unique sight; their eyes are positioned in a manner that they have 270-degree vision of their entire periphery, heightening their senses as the ideal loving and loyal guard dog.

Gull Terrier

Gull Terriers are a rare indigenous form of the crossbred British Terrier, found in Punjab and Pakistan.

They are a muscular breed; they are often illegally used in dogfights all over the country and giving them a roof will ensure fewer terriers fighting in these illegal rings.

Grooming is very basic in their case as they are used to hot conditions; they are highly

trainable and are very loyal and loving towards their dog parents.

The Pandikona

A great addition to the family especially if you have children, Pandikonas are native to Andhra Pradesh and are currently facing the threat of extinction.

With sufficient training, Pandikonas are perfect companions for pets and little children. They are slightly built making them efficient for domestic guarding.

They are a very hardy breed, veterinary care is not that intensive. Grooming is also very basic as they are used to the hot conditions of Andhra Pradesh.

Mudhol Hound

The Mudhol Hound commonly known as the Maratha Hound is a form of sighthound/gazehound (Hunting dogs) from India. They are a very athletic and agile breed. They require regular exercise and grooming requirements are low.

Interestingly, the Mudhol hound was featured on a set of postage stamps in 2005 released by the Indian Ministry of Communications and IT to celebrate the country’s heritage of indigenous dogs.

They are perfectly suited for the Indian weather and they have a high tolerance to heat.

Housing a guard dog comes with certain additional responsibilities, these are strong dogs and therefore they need to be socialized properly and trained in the formative years so that they are not aggressive to familiar faces like neighbors, friends, and visiting relatives.

Finally, in conclusion, we would like you to convince yourself about how necessary it is to get indie dogs off the streets while they face dangerous situations on a daily basis. You will only know the love and loyalty of an indie once you get one. The skill of most indies to easily socialize with humans and other dogs makes them excellent buddies, with the additional sense of guard that they possess they are the perfect addition to any home.

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