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Fosters play a vital role in animal rescues.

An animal foster parent is one who looks after a rescued animal and gives it the care it needs to recover.

In many cases of injury, it's not advisable to send a healthy animal (especially a pup or kitten) to a shelter as they would be put at greater risk of contracting illnesses and ticks.

Instead, a foster home would be a much safer option.

These fosters also help get the animals vaccinated and spayed/neutered and ready for adoption.

In a nutshell, fosters provide temporary shelter and care to animals until they can find their furr'ever homes.

Without foster parents, many animals would be on the streets with very low chances of survival.

They give animals a ray of hope. They save lives.

This is a shout out to all our wonderful foster parents who do a tremendously great job at looking after rescues.

If you would like to become a foster parent, message us to learn more about it.

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