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Evolution of Pets

The earliest evidence of humans outsmarting their biological ancestors; the neanderthals is apparent in how they hunted. The latter were continually competing against several predators to survive in the wild. They evolved, and logic took precedence. The early humans took over about 40,000 years ago and joined hands with wolves. These wolves evolved with humans and learned to live amongst them. They were loyal servants. They warded off attacking carnivores looking to steal food and hunted for early humans. This is the earliest example of a healthy symbiotic relationship between humans and their pets.

Moving on , we see that the next most prominent example of domesticated animals is spotted in Mesopotamia about 4000 years ago. Apart from this, several archaeological expeditions have shown that wild cats roamed freely among humans about 100,000 years ago in ancient Egypt. This relationship between the Mesopotamians and cats is quite expected, given their traits of devotion to cats. This sense of devotion to cats was observed in several other cultures. Cats have significance in Shinto(Indigenous religion of Japan). In Islam, the prophet is sighted in texts displaying his love for the felines. The Mahabharata and Ramayana also cite such samples. Around a similar timeline to the Mesopotamians, a Harappa figurine of a dog wearing a collar, a Bhimbetka cave painting of a dog on a leash, seem to confirm the suspicion that dogs meant a lot more to us than we presume.

This relationship of love between the animals and humans was also observed by the growing population of Greece. Plato, the ancient Greek philosopher, also approved of the relationship between dogs and humans, which was that of love and royalty even if the former was never recognized for it. Arrian of Nicomedia was an ancient Greek historian; he indulges in Cynegeticus (written in 2 A.D.) about the passionate relationship he had with his pet hound, whom he lovingly named Horme.

Apart from the several changes in humans and their evolution from a primitive lifestyle to a more modern one today, it has seen several changes; therefore, this relationship between pets and humans has been maintained to only an extent. The only thing that has hurt this relationship is the involvement of humans in materialistic gains, sometimes forgetting the need for the reception and importance of love, respect, and loyalty in one's life. However, this trend has seen a turn in the global pandemic. Pet adoption rates are at an all-time high. Studies in human psychology have shown how pets help humans beat their cases of cabin fever, stress, and sheer boredom during the quarantine periods while providing a home for our furry friends.

So, if you don't take our word for it, take it from History and Statistics; reach out to your nearest furry on the streets, provide them a home and show them the love they deserve. The loyalty and respect that you can expect in turn are invaluable.

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