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We strongly support pet adoption. Why?

It's never right to buy a dog. When there are millions on strays, thousands at shelters waiting for a home, it's never right to buy a dog.

All dogs offer the same love, joy, comfort and happiness.

All dogs are clean if you look after them well.

All dogs can be vaccinated at any age.

We strongly advocate stopping breeding. Why? Many breeders are unscrupulous and treat their animals harshly and keep them in gruelling conditions all their lives. They do not give them proper care. Many existing breeds are a result of mix-and-match laboratory experiments. These dogs are constantly inbred and are prone to genetic diseases and health conditions.

Did you know? Pugs can't breathe properly for the entire duration of their lives? While we think they're cute, the pug suffers so much as a result of our vanity.

Indies and mixed breeds on the other hand are in a better place genetically speaking. They are proven to be healthier, sturdy and simply wonderful dogs.

Give one of our furry friends a home!

Message us if you want to learn more about why you should adopt an indie! We have lots of stories to tell!

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